Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ceremony do you perform?

It’s your day and I want to do it your way! I plan a unique ceremony for each couple but generally it includes the components listed. I will send you samples you can pick and choose from. I encourage couples to add their own ideas and feel free to take out parts of the ceremony that don’t fit their personalities. As a wedding minister I have performed more than one thousands ceremonies, each a different but many contain these features…

A Typical Ceremony Includes:

A Greeting to Family & Friends

A Poem or Prayer

Preface to the Vows


Ring Ceremony

Wedding blessing

Final Pronouncement

Can I add something unique or a cultural tradition?

Absolutely, and there is no extra cost!

Affordable Weddings by Reverend Bob Schneider

Weddings with Cultural Features

Here are just a few ideas:

Unity Candle

Unity Cord & Veil / Exchange of Gold Coins

Sand Ceremony

9 Sips of Sake

Family Medallion

A Wine Toast

What do you wear?

I can wear my white robe, a business suit or go casual with khaki pants and a Hawaiian shirt. The choice is yours!

Why is your fee so low?

I try to provide couples with their dream ceremony but I don’t want them to break the bank. Save your money for the honeymoon! I write personalized ceremonies without extra charges for a sand ceremony, rose ceremony or other special touches. We will communicate throughout your planning so before the big day, you will feel completely comfortable about the event.