Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ceremony do you perform?

It’s your day and I want to do it your way! I plan a unique ceremony for each couple but generally it includes the components listed. I will send you samples you can pick and choose from. I encourage couples to add their own ideas and feel free to take out parts of the ceremony that don’t fit their personalities. As a wedding minister I have performed more than one thousands ceremonies, each a different but many contain these features…

A Typical Ceremony Includes:

A Greeting to Family & Friends

A Poem or Prayer

Preface to the Vows


Ring Ceremony

Wedding blessing

Final Pronouncement

Can I add something unique or a cultural tradition?

Absolutely, and there is no extra cost!

Affordable Weddings by Reverend Bob Schneider

Weddings with Cultural Features

Here are just a few ideas:

Unity Candle

Unity Cord & Veil / Exchange of Gold Coins

Sand Ceremony

9 Sips of Sake

Family Medallion

A Wine Toast

What do you wear?

I can wear my white robe, a business suit or go casual with khaki pants and a Hawaiian shirt. The choice is yours!

Why is your fee so low?

I try to provide couples with their dream ceremony but I don’t want them to break the bank. Save your money for the honeymoon! I write personalized ceremonies without extra charges for a sand ceremony, rose ceremony or other special touches. We will communicate throughout your planning so before the big day, you will feel completely comfortable about the event.

Do you provide a license?

Yes, I can provide a confidential marriage license for Los Angeles and Orange County weddings if you don’t have time or the ability to go to the county clerk’s office yourself. Please see “My Rates” for additional information.